In order to promptly serve your client's needs, we will need basic information that you should have, or be able to quickly obtain. When you are requesting new services from Z&A for your client, please note that we will need the following prior to commencing work:

*Name of client, home address, social security number and Medicaid number (if waiver)
*Copies of previous DARs or BSPs
*Copies of prior authorizations
*Medical records
*Psychiatric assessments
*Reports generated (from psychologists, social workers, DDS staff, etc.)
*Data collection sheets
*Family history
*Medication list and prescriber information (name, contact information)
*Copy of consent form to release records
*Name of DDS Service Coordinator and contact information (phone number, email)
*Name of your agency's internal contact for client and contact information (phone number, email)

Other documentation may also be required.