Dr. Zelman and his consultants provide psychological services to support the needs of clients with developmental disabilities in residential and day programs in the mid-Atlantic area.

Zelman and Associates offers a complete profile of psychology services for clients living in ICF-MR, CRF group homes, Medicaid Waiver Programs, and day programs.

Professional services are tailored to meet the specific needs of clients and may include:

• Development of Behavior Support Plans (BSPs), Data Sheets,
and Psychological Assessments

• Development of Medicaid Waiver Diagnostic Assessment
Reports (DARs)

• Training for the appropriate implementation of BSPs and data

• Attendance at meetings, development of additional reports and
assessments as needed, and full support for agencies and

Please note that to begin services for a new client, we need adequate documentation for case review and development of both DARs and subsequent BSPs, etc. Please use this
list as a guide to collect necessary information.